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Connecta – West of the 4th Wrap Conversions


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Product Description

Do you love the look of West of the 4th Handwoven Wraps, but prefer a buckle carrier?  Never fear, the Connecta conversions of a select range of colourways are now available.  The Signature with ivory weft version comes with latte coloured lining and straps, while the Enlighten version comes with aubergine lining and straps.

Please note, those with the wrap in a horizontal orientation may have a seam on the sleep hood.  This does not affect the safety of the carrier.

The Connecta is a full buckle carrier without a padded waistband.  Many people find the flexibility and mouldability of the Connecta to be more comfortable than those buckle carriers with padded waists. Connectas are suitable from 3.5kg up to 24kg!. The additional accessory strap can be used to cinch in the base for small babies, or used as a chest belt  for back carries.  The wide base supports anatomically correct position for baby and optimum comfort for the wearer. The buckles make them quick and easy to use on either the front or the back.

The Connecta also features an integrated sleeping hood, which can be tucked away inside the carrier, creating a handy pocket for soft small items when the hood is not in use. You simply separate the front and back layers of the carrier and tuck the hood away inside!

The Connecta, has been tested to meet  BS EN 13209-2:2005. and ASTM f2236-14.

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W4W Bluebell Woods Standard Horizontal, W4W Bluebell Woods Standard Vertical, W4W Bluebell Woods Toddler Horizontal, W4W Enlighten Pale – Standard, W4W Enlighten Purple Standard, W4W Enlighten Purple Std – Petite straps, W4W Signature Standard Horizontal with seam, W4W Signature Toddler Horizontal with seam, W4W Signature Vertical Standard