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Fidella FlyTai


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Product Description

The FlyTai features padded to wrap straps which give you all the comfort of a padded strap with an additional section of wrap fabric which allows you to spread the load wide across your shoulders and back.  Made of 100% organic cotton sling fabric, they are soft, supportive and mouldable.   

The FlyTai is really adjustable, using the easy to use drawstrings which tie to hold the panel at the required size.  They can be used from 3 months up until you’re child reaches 15kg.  The width is adjustable from 11cm (4.5″)up to a maximum of 45cm (18″), but if you find that isn’t wide enough, then you can extend it using the wrap straps.  The height is adjustable from 24cm to 48cm (9.5″ – 19″).

Comes with matching dust cover bag.

  • Completely manufactured from sling fabric (100% organic cotton); foam padding 100% polyester)
  • without annoying accessories made of plastic or metal
  • without Velcro closures that can injure the sensitive sling fabric
  • Infinitely adjustable backpanell (24 – 48 cm), fixed by self-locking knot.
  • Infinitely adjustable bridge (11-45 cm), fixed by self-locking knot.
  • This carrier is compliant to ASTM F2236-14

The placement of the pattern on each carrier may differ to the stock photograph.

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