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West 4th Wraps – Signature with Ivory Weft


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The warm colours of this beautiful wrap are based on the West of the 4th Weaving logo. Made of 100% cotton it is available in two different wefts, ivory and brown, with each weft colour lending a different quality to the overall wrap. The Signature wrap features Nancy’s grad weaving techniques and the wrap background has a graduated colour change from orange brule through to brick red along with natural highlights. Made of 100% US cotton dyed and spun  in Canada each sling is woven with blunt ends.  The ring sling comes with a pleated shoulder and bronze rings which compliment the fabric design and colours.

 Who Are West of the 4th Weaving?

West of the 4th Weaving is the hand weaving studio of Nancy Warwaruk.  Nancy’s life dream was to work with many different people in order to design and create handwoven works of art.

In 2009 Nancy wove her very first baby wrap pinoeering many of the design elements seem in West 4th Wraps and in many other hand woven wraps.

Nancy’s passion is to design beautiful and functional fabrics for everyday use.  Nancy uses only the highest quality materials that have passed her rigorous standards.  West 4th Wraps only use professionally dyed yarns that have met the grade for colour fastness to washing and to saliva making West 4th Wraps safe for washing and more importantly safe for your child!

Each wrap has been carefully hand crafted on a floor loom.  The technology we use to weave is very old and basically has not changed in thousands of years.  Nancy, The Weaver and Designer,  starts by designing the warp and then choosing the suitable weft.  Nancy’s passion is to “paint with thread”.  Nancy’s unique technique is always evolving and creates one of a kind designs.  The second step is to make the warp ensuring the design is pain staking followed.  Some times Nancy has a concept  and the design of the warp is created at the same time as the warp itself.  It is not uncommon for a beautiful sunset to inspire us to run to the warping stand, grab the yarn, and start painting what we see on the horizon. Once the warp is made it is then moved to the loom for threading to start.  Each thread is placed through a heddle and then through the reed.  Once the loom is threaded the warp is tied onto the cloth beam, tensioned, and then the warp is ready for weaving.

The handwoven nature of the fabric means that you may find weavers knots, slubs and variations in the thread, as well as slight variations in the edges or ends of the fabric.  Theses are all normal elements and add to the natural qualities of each individual piece.  They do not affect the safety of your wrap or ring sling.

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West 4th Wraps

Large – 4.6m, Medium – 4.2m, Medium Small – 3.8m, Ring Sling, Small – 3m